Using Sediment As a Resource


There are 5 partners from 4 different countries within the 2 Seas project area that form the USAR project partnership:

    Using Sediment As a Resource

    USAR stands for Using Sediment As a Resource. Water management authorities are responsible for keeping waterways in the 2 Seas free from accumulating sediments to reduce risks of flooding and to keep waterways accessible for waterbased transport. Most of this sediment is transported and dumped as waste, a very costly and wasteful operation.

    What is our objective?

    USAR introduces an alternative resource efficient approach based on the potential to use sediments as a resource for new materials. USAR will identify, demonstrate and test new methods and develop the business models and tools that water managers need to apply this circular approach in practice. This results in the following changes:

    • adoption of new resource efficient technologies, methods, tools for using sediment as a resource
    • reduction of volume of sediment treated as waste and of operational costs of water managers 

    What will we deliver?

    The main outputs of the USAR project will be:

    • Inventory catalogue of possible uses of sediment as a resource and conditions, potential, limitations for use (wikised)
    • Recycling strategies for partner territories based on local potential uses of sediment
    • Pilot tests to validate new uses of sediment on different sites
    • Operational Sediment Management System – ICT-tool for watermanagers to make business cases and management decisions for recycling of sediment

      Preparations for the USAR project started in December 2014. The project will end on 30th April 2020.